8 ARRONDISSEMENT     Champs Elysees – Madeleine

The eighth arrondissement in the Right Bank of the Seine is a prestigious, elegant and very expensive neighbourhood in Paris. The area between the Champs Elysees and the Seine is called the golden triangle.


HOTEL PLAZA ATHENEE   25. Avenue Montaigne. A luxurious, elegant and magical hotel.  Price range from 830 Euros.

HOTEL NAPOLEON    40, Avenue de Friedland. Metro: Charles de Gaulle-Etoile. Price range 153-200 Euros.

LA MAISON CHAMPS ELYSEES   8, rue Jean Goujon. Metro: Champs Elysees Clemanceau. Price range 160-280 Euros.

HOTEL ELYSEES MERMOZ   30, rue Jean Mermoz. Metro: Saint Philippe du Roule. Price range 125-350 Euros. Contemporary three star boutique hotel behind Champs Elysees, in a quiet street and surrounded by deluxe boutiques, bars and restaurants. Comfortable and clean.


Hotel Plaza Athenee  By Globe Trotteur


BAR DES THEATRES   6, Av. Montaigne. Metro: Alma-Marceau. Good quality traditional cuisine. 11-20 E.
Le Boudoir. 25, rue de Colisee. Metro: Franklin D. Roosevelt, George V. Wine bar and french brasserie.

LASSERRE  17, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt. Luxury haute cuisine restaurant, decorated in a Belle Époque style, situated opposite the Grand Palais.

LE BAR AT THE GEORGE V  31, avenue George V  This is the place if what you need is to impress.

RENOMA CAFE GALLERY  32, avenue George V. Club & Bar. Metro: George V. Restaurant George V style.

LA MAISON DU CAVIAR   21 de la Rue Quentin Bauchart. Metro: George V.

EPICERIE OLSEN  Rue du Commandant Rivière. Metro: Saint Philippe du Roule.  Scandinavian specialties.

LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT   52 rue François 1er. Metro: FranklinD.Roosevelt.

LA MAISON DE LA TRUFFE  19, Place de la Madeleine. Metro: Madeleine. A boutique gourmand and restaurant for those who love truffes in all its forms, foie gras, black and white truffles

FAUCHON  24-26 Place de la Madeleine. Metro: Madeleine. The famous gourmet store.

BOUTIQUE MAILLE   6, Place de la Madeleine. Metro: Madeleine.  For those who love mustard the store offers a variety of flavours.

Desierta Caviar
By icebergprinciple


CHAMPS ELYSEES   is a wide avenue that runs from the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde. It is still the most beautiful promenade in the world, though is now full of global chain stores, cinemas and fast food restaurants. Metro: Ch. De Gaulle Etoile
ARC DE TRIOMPHE  The monument stands on one end of the Champs Elysees, at the centre of the Place d L’Etoile, the meeting point of twelve avenues and surrounded by crazy traffic. Do not try to cross the traffic to reach the monument, there is an underground tunnel on the north side of the Avenue of the Grande Armee side of the circle, accessible from the Wagram exit of the Metro and another one on the north side of the Cahmps Elysees.
PLACE DE LA CONCORDE  On the opposite end of the Avenue Champs Elysees, the square offers one of the best street level views of Paris: up the Champs Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe, the Madeleine Church to the north and the Tuilleries to the east. In 1792 the square was called la Place de la Revolution and a guillotine was installed at the center of the square. More than a thousand people were beheaded there, among them King Louis XVI, Marie-Antionette and Robespierre. In 1830 it was given the current name ‘Place de la Concorde’.
MADELEINE CHURCH  The church was built as a greek temple to the glory for Napolean’s army and in 1842 was consecrated as a church dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene. There are extraordinary views from the stairs, down the rue Royale. Metro: Madeleine.

La Madeleine

La Madeleine.  By Kristian Golding


AVENUE GEORGE V  Metro: George V, Alma-Marceau. The Avenue hosts the most prestigious addresses in Paris as the Four Seasons George V Hotel, deluxe boutiques as Hermes, Bulgari, Kenzo, the “hotel particuliers” (sumptuous private houses of the eighteenth century, always located between the entrance court, “the cour d’honneur”, and the garden behind).

PARC MONCEAU  Metro: Monceau. This small charming park is one of the most ornate, situated in a residential area.

CRAZY HORSE   12, Avenue George V. Metro: George V. One of the sexiest Parisian cabarets,

Façade d'hotel particulier

Hotel Particulier, facade.  By Eole


Walk along the AVENUE MONTAGNE, AVENUE GEORGE V, RUE FRANCOIS 1er and the rue du FAUBOURG ST HONORE  for the fancier fashion designers as Dior, Ungaro, Chloe, Valentino, Versace, Hermes, and many more.


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