Cave Homes of Cortes de Baza – Granada – Spain


The small village is in a beautiful valley east of Granada, a region that has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. Romans and then Muslims lived here, probably attracted by its hot springs.  The houses of Cortes are carved directly out of the earth into the hills and whitewashed inside and out.   The Muslims brought this tradition to live in caves and today, many of them are in the process of rehabilitation and have become a tourist attraction.




CORTES  offers visitors a multitude of places to discover routes, excursions and activities such as hiking and mountaineering. In the vicinity, you can practice sports such as hunting and fishing.


CUEVAS TIANA    Baza.  Cuevas Tiana are charming cave houses with all the amenities needed for a holiday in the highlands of Granada.


Cuevas Tiana Pool

LA POSADA  Plaza San Jose, 3  Cortes de Baza.  Rural guest house.







One thought on “Cave Homes of Cortes de Baza – Granada – Spain

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