Bahia – Morro de Sao Paulo Itinerary

Morro de Sao Paulo is a picturesque village with sandy streets, wonderful beaches and lush tropical vegetation. Located 60 km south of Salvador, Morro de São Paulo is the largest town on the island of Tinharé and one of the most sought tropical destinations in Bahia, Brazil. Along with the neighboring island, Boipeba, which is highly recommended for those who love pure nature, forms a natural preservation area with clean sand, warm waters, Atlantic forest, mangroves and many beaches almost deserted.  What else can we ask to be isolated from the stress of work?

For this journey I suggest to take six to seven days.  I would stay one night in Bahia on the way, four nights in Morro and two nights in Bahia.  If by chance you can arrive at noon to Bahia, it is best not to leave  the airport and take another small plane to Morro same day and stay five nights in Morro and two in Bahia.

Vista da Tiroleza de Morro


MORRO DE SAO PAULO  Comprehensive site


CLIMATEMPO  Weather information

INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT  Salvador International Airport Guide


To reach Morro de Sao Paulo, you should fly to the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.  Arriving the International Airport in Salvador  the fastest way is to take a direct flight to Morro de São Paulo, lasting about 25 minutes. Refer to the air taxi companies Addey or Aerostar, which we booked by mail. By plane is more expensive but is faster and you avoid dizziness that causes the catamaran trip. Each company lands in a different place: the Addey in the Third Beach, the Aerostar in the Fourth Beach and more convenient for those staying in the Fourth Beach or the Playa do Encanto. The Aerostar also offers free transportation to the Second Beach, near the village of Morro de Sao Paulo. The weight limit for luggage is 15kg.  The only vehicles allowed on the island are tractors (jardineiras) and buggies belonging to the inns. Otherwise, you will have to move on foot, by drawn carriage or on horseback.

From the Marine Terminal, which is opposite the Mercado Modelo in Salvador, depart daily Catamarans which make the path Salvador / Morro de São Paulo.  The sailing time is about two hours. Refer to Catamaras Biotur or to Transporte Maritimo Ilha Bela.


The high season runs from December to March, low season, from April to July. During May and July rains a bit more and is not so crowded, the temperature decreases somewhat, especially at night, but the weather is good. From late November to early March is high season, is full of people and is not advisable to travel at that time. I believe the best months are March, April, August, September, October and early November. We went in September.

Map of Morro beaches   Image

There are five. Is important to check the tide table, normally the tide starts to drop at 5 pm and rises at 11a.m. the next day.

The first beach is that of the town and more urbanized.

The second is that of more movement, here is the Pousada Villa das Pedras.  There are several inns, restaurants, bars and small shops, the town is at 400m, 5m walk.

The third beach, 1km from the village on foot, is the one most affected by the tides and serves over expressway into the fourth.

The fourth beach is among the ten most beautiful in Brazil. It has a few lodges amid palm trees and natural pools, the town is 2km walk.

The fifth, also called Praia do Encanto, is the most quiet and is 6 km from town.


VILLA DAS PEDRAS    Pousada Villa das Pedras is located on the seafront in the 2nd beach, one of the best spots on the island. There are 24 suites with independent balconies with hammocks.  The pool overlooks the ocean. The hotel provides transfers.

ANIMA HOTEL   At Praia do Encanto, far from the village to go walking, especially at night, but ideal for doing nothing.

MINHA LOUCA PAIXAO   Located in the third beach, not next to the water and the beach is not as good, but it is within walking distance of the second beach and the fourth.

CONVENTO DO CARMO  Rua do Carmo, 1  Pelourinho, Bahia.  One of the nicest hotels in Bahia. built in 1586, is located in the historical centre of the city of Bahia, in what was the first convent of the Order of Carmelite Friars.  The Pestana Convento do Carmo has 60 apartments and 19 suites, including a Master Suite.  Rates from R$372.

ZANK HOTEL    Rua Alm Barroso, 161 – Rio Vermelho, Bahia, 8 km from the historic cenre of  town.  Rio Vermelho is a neighborhood that is not prominent for its beaches but is full of bars of all types and sizes, and has been transformed in recent years in a great bohemian spot. The hotel has sixteen apartments, an infinity pool, wet sauna, free Wi Fi and parking.  Rates from R$500.

CATUSSABA RESORT HOTEL Alameda da Praia – Itapuã.   Half an hour from the Historic Centre, in front of Itapuã Beach one of the most beautiful and famous of Brazil, the resort is excellent if you wanna do beach in Bahia.  We stayed there some years ago, is a good hotel, the rooms are nice and all have balconies.

Convento do Carmo Pestana Hotel, Bahia


The gastronomic offer is varied, from typical Bahiana cuisine to Italian restaurants and pizzerias or even a French creperie.  These are my favourites.

OH LA LA  French bakery and creperie, located at the end of the main street of the village, down to the beaches. A rustic restaurant in a warm atmosphere.

PONTO DO ENCONTRO   Camino da Praia s/n.  The eatery also serves as an art gallery, the tables are illuminated by recycled candles. The dishes have two prices – for one or two people. Serves grilled dishes (fish with rice and vegetables in soy sauce, chicken ravioli) and vegetarian dishes (vegetable lasagna with four cheeses, spaghetti bolognese with soy). Also serves pizza.

EL SITIO  Caminho da Praia s/n.  Grilled dishes (steak, salmon, lobster) with or without sauces for one or two people. Almost every dish is served with a tasty fried rice with garlic.

BAR DAS PISCINAS  At the beginning of the Fourth Beach, the restaurant provides a pause that refreshes your walk. Before or after, you can replenish your energy with a crab dip, a fried fish, a prawn or lobster.  Sand tables are plastic; inside, wooden (tthe second floor is particularly nice). Closed at night.

KARAPITANGUI  Hotel, bar and restaurant on the Playa Encanto, good lobster or fish for two.  Located 30 minutes away from the town.

MARIA MATA MOURO   Rua da Ordem Terceira, Pelourinho, Bahia.  Open from 12am to 1am. Ask for a table  in the courtyard, a charming small garden with a water fountain and soft music.  The menu consists of delicacies like pasta, seafood and tasty regional foods and meats.

                                       Maria Mata Mouro Courtyard


    • Walk up to the fourth beach, at low tide

quarta praia

    • Walk to Gamboa, be careful with low tides.  Leaving the village square in the opposite direction to the beaches, take a track and 45 minutes after you will reach the village of Gamboa, an “alto astral” place

Praia da Gamboa- Morro de São Paulo. Foto - Gabriel Carvalho.

  • The beach of Ponta da Pedra, which, with its small “enseadas” is special place for a bit of relaxation and tranquility. In this route, you will find a section called “A Argila” -clay- said to be ideal for the skin care: once placed in the body, allow it to dry and then remove it while taking a swim in the beautiful beaches of Gamboa . After this “treatment” is good to enjoy a fresh seafood moqueca, offered by one of the local restaurants in the village, located oceanfront
  • Surf: late March in the first Beach and at high tide, be careful for there are corals
  • Diving: the crystalline waters of Morro de São Paulo and Boipeba make the region very popular among divers. The natural pools of the third and fourth with low tide is the best place
  • Boipeba Island Tour.  You can go on tour or you can rent a private boat.  Separated from the island of Tinharé (where Morro is)  at Rio do Inferno, the primitive (and gorgeous) Boipeba Island can be visited on day trips (departures between 9 and 10a.m. return between 5 – 6p.m).  Recently, the Express Madalena (Pool Bar and Restaurante in the fourth beach) started selling a 8 hour tour by speed boat, along the coast of Tinharé (with stops for swimming in Guarapua).  Then goes to Boipeba (visit to the Moreré beach), makes a stop for lunch in Old Boipeba, (choose to have lunch at Seu Guido in Cueira Beach)  and stops for a visit in Cairu

Morro de São Paulo - Ponta do Curral - Ilha de Tinharé -  Foto: Jota Freitas

  • Stay overnight in Boipeba
  • Go to Garapua beach, a 6km walk from Praia do Encanto through the Mata Atlantica.  You may also rent 4×4 vehicles that will take you there. Ask for information at the hotel. It is a beautiful beach in a fishing village, with only two places to have lunch



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