I started writing this blog to share places and recommendations with my friends and to keep all data collected in my travels. I realized how useful is to find updated and reliable information, what to miss and what not to, cool places to sleep, where to eat or even driving directions to enjoy beautiful drives, everything according to your special needs and taste.  So I decided to complement travel knowledge, tips and honest advice with personalized recommendations, experienced research and set my readers right to the point DIY itineraries.  Soon after I added contributions from friends in other countries who are happy to share their experiences with you.

This website is for people who love to plan and travel on their own and who are busy or lazy to search the web.  When planning a trip there are hundreds of web pages with lots of information and there is almost no time to browse them all. The information is out there but time is gold. Travel guides are very useful but usually concentrate in the most typical and touristic information. Just click on the above menu pages to browse different destinations or our personalized recommendations.

We invite you to try our travel concierge service and if you need advice or have any question about your next trip, just contact us for free and we will do our best to make your next trip enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “ABOUT THIS BLOG

  1. I’m looking for a reialble information about planning a trip to Spain. My family and I will be going to visit our friends in Madrid, but we’d like to go to Barcelona too. I hope to find some tips here. Thanks in advance.Blackie


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