The 1 Arrondissement is the heart of Paris, situated on the right bank of the river Seine, and also includes the west tip of the Ile de la Cite.  Is very small, full of tourist attractions and one of the oldest of Paris.


Hotel des Ducs D Anjou   1, rue Sainte-Opportune. Metro: Chatelet-Les Halles.  Price range 110-220 Euros. Ten minutes walk from the Musse du Louvre, this is a three star boutique hotel located in a pedestrian walk way in the heart of Paris. Superior rooms and suites are equipped with “gentle nights”, beds specially designed to provide a sense of well-being.

Hotel Britannique   20, Avenue Victoria. Metro: Chatelet-Les Halles. Price range 150-290 Euros. Charming hotel located on a quiet street near the Seine.

Hotel Therese    5/7, rue Therese. Metro: Pyramides. Price range 155-280 Euros. Boutique hotel carefully designed, close to the Louvre, in a quiet and elegant street. Classic rooms are small but charming, deluxe rooms are bigger.

Hotel Costes    239, rue Saint Honore. Metro: Concorde.  Price range 400-750 Euros. Super chic hotel situated steps away from the river Seine. The restaurant and bar of the hotel is the perfect place to see or be seen.  The hotel has released several lounge music CD’s, mixed by DJ Stephane Pompougnac.

Hôtel Costes - Lunch

Hotel Costes   by jthoel


Deliciuous baguettes and baguette sandwiches, onion quiche, spiced breads and patisserie at Gosselin, 123-125 rue Saint Honore

The Cafe Marly   93 rue de Rivoli, has an spectacular view of the Louvre and the Pyramid.  Is the perfect place to have breakfast on the terrace, also open for lunch and dinner.

The Ritz Escoffier School   38, rue Cambone, offers different cooking workshops of 1 to 4 hours duration

La Maison du Chocolat   99, rue de Rivoli, Carrousel du Louvre.

Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie   Les Halles.  34, rue Montmartre.  Metro:  Sentier.  Fine food bistro, good service and ambience.  Great quality-pirce relationship.

Le Fumoir   6, rue d l’Amiral Coligny  Metro:  Louvre-Rivoli.  Old fashioned bar to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, a few steps away from the Louvre.

Kong   1, rue du Pont Neuf.  Trendy bar and restaurant at the top of the LVMH building, above Kenzo store.  I would say this is a great place to have a drink after dinner, at the terrace, which has very nice views of the river Seine.

La Cordonnerie     20, rue Saint Roch.  Metro:  Pyramids.  Affordable traditional French cuisine worth to try.

Ballroom    58, rue Jean Jacques Rousseau.  A street level restaurant (Beef Club) and an underground bar and club.

Too early for lunch

Le Cafe Marly    by @10


Main Attractions

Saint Chapelle  Ile de la Cite

Conciergerie.  Ile de la Cite

Pont Neuf.  The oldest standing bridge across the river Seine,  built in the 1600’s.  It connect the Isle de Cite, the birthplace of ancient Paris, with both banks of the Siene.

Louvre & Palais Royal.  Metro:  Palais Royal

Comedie Francaise.  Metro Palais Royal-Louvre, Pyramids

Tuileries Gardens.  Metro:  Tuileries

Jeu de Pomme  Exhibits contemporary art and photography.

Musee Orangerie  Located in the Tuileries Gardens, the museum is an art gallery of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings.

Place Vendome.  Metro:  Tuileries.  The Place Vendome is the symbol of luxury, and probably the most expensive place in Paris.  Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier, among others, have their shops there.

Pont Neuf, Paris France 1984

Le Pont Neuf  by bfraz


My Special Places

Mussee des Arts Decoratifs   107, rue de Rivoli.  Metro: Palais Royal-Louvre

59 RIVOLI    59, rue de Rivoli.  A liberal studio space for artists to show their work and lifestyle.

Au Louvre des Antiquaires    Metro:  Palais Royal-Louvre.  A group of 250 antiques and jewellry shops.

Passage Vero Dodat   This passage links rue du Bouloi with rue Jean Jacques Rousseau.  The Vero Dodat galley opened in 1826 and was named after the two pork butchers who set it up.  The Cafe de L”Epoque is a typical parisian cafe located at the entrane of the passage.

Place Dauphine, parc de Vert Galant and the Pont Neuf, on the western side of the Ile de la Cite.  There are small shops and cafes in Place Dauphine.

Stroll along the banks of the Seine river, from the Pont Neuf to Pont Royal.

Inside 59 Rivoli


H&M   88/120, rue de Rivoli

ZARA   88, rue de Rivoli, 374, rue Saint Honore

Forum Les Halles   7/1, rue Pierre Lescot.  Metro:  Les Halles.  Shopping centre with aprox. 180 shops in five levels.  Stressful and enormous, I don’t think Paris deserves this waste of time.

Carrousel du Louvre   99, rue de Rivoli.  Underground mall, smaller than the one in Les Halles, but it still has many shops and restaurants.  It has an entrance to the Louvre Museum.

These are the main shopping streets of these neighbourhood which are very nice for walking and shopping:  rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, rue Saint Honore, la Place Vendome and rue de la Paix.

Forum Les Halles

Forum Les Halles  by Webzeugkoffer


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