Artisan Bread in Loro Ciuffenna – Tuscany


The tiny medieval village of Loro Ciuffena is about 30 minute (40km) southeast of Florence, between Arezzo and Fiesole.  This charming town still keeps its ancient stone houses and the medieval bridge over the Ciuffenna river.  Is a place of beautiful nature, surrounded by forests, rolling hills and mountains.  The town was founded by the Etruscans at the foot of the Apennine massif of Pratomagno and has a population of 2878 inhabitants living in the village.


Loro Ciuffenna   Image beatflat

In this lovely village we will find one of the best bakeries beyond Florence, the Bottega Di Chiassaia, well-known inside and outside the small medieval town for the production of the “Schiacciata”: a white pizza or focaccia, disk-shaped and flattened on the blade and baked in a stone oven using only local oil and flour.  Other than Schiacciata, the bakery produces various types of homemade biscuits with almonds, chocolate or raisins and pine nuts. For the festivities include: gingerbread, apple pies panetone, panforte (my favourite) and many other desserts, with no preservatives, and wrapped by hand.  The shop also sells local cheeses and salami and has a small inner room and an outdoor area where you can sit quietly and enjoy the specialties of the house.



RELAIS VILLA BELPOGGIO  Via Setteponti Ponente 40, Malva, 6km (nine minutes) north of Loro Ciuffenna. Villa Belpoggio is a small charming and comfortable hotel; it offers 10 double rooms and 2 apartments, a beautiful garden and a swimming-pool.  Rates from 160 Euros.

IL CIPRESSO  Via Alcide De Gasperi, 28, Loro Ciuffenna.  Two star hotel and excellent restaurant in the village.  Doubles breakfast included from 70 Euros.

Image  Il Cipresso Restaurant


MUSEO VENTURINI VENTURI  Piazza Giacomo Matteotti 5.

SANTA MARIA ASSUNTA  The church of Santa Maria Assunta (formerly the chapel of the mediaeval castle) stands on the highest point of Loro Ciuffenna. Porta dell’Orologio  is the entrance of the heart of the village, going up along the street on the left you get to the church of Santa Maria Assunta.


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